January 2, 2010

Best Funny of the Day

Here's a little something I began on the 29th and finished up this evening:

I have yet to try it on the child, so I don't know if I'll go back and add some optional sleeve-age or not...nor do I have any idea if it will fit her.

We shall see.

Now on the to what was our best funny of the day.

I was perusing the internets when Perpetual Motion decided to join me on the sofa. After much harumphing to get herself up onto the seat, she cuddled up with me to see what was on the screen.

We came to some information about the new stamps for 2010, and when she saw the Mother Teresa stamp, she pointed at her, smiled up at me and very proudly declared "Grand-Dad".

It had to be someone from her world, after all...

She also informed me that Sandra Bullock is her aunt, R-Shelly.

I am fairly certain both were meant as compliments.

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