January 25, 2010

Best Playoff-Watching

We had some friends over tonight to watch the playoff games. I think we were all into the games somewhat, but I at least was into having them over to socialize. "They" are Mister B, Minna, Miss A and CT. CT is Perpetual Motion's age, which makes things interesting.

Whenever the two of them get together, which is at least once a week to play, things go like this: Perpetual Motion asks all day for CT. I tell her he is at school or napping or whatever. Once he is home, she begs to go see him. We go outside and they see one another through the driveway gate. CT yells for us and waves, etc. Perpetual Motion gets all excited and can barely contain herself as we cross the street.

They then spend their entire time together acting like cavemen: grunting and taking and yelling and fussing at one another or us over every item/animal in sight.

It is quite the time.

Tonight, things began in a similar fashion. Eventually though, they were sharing and playing together. They played cars together, worked puzzles together, and played in the kitchen together:


They even played the piano together.

Oh, yes.

THAT one was too cute.


We had a spread of food: veggie tray, hummus and crackers, chips and excellent pico, potato casserole, yummy beans, brisket and ribs from Goode's and chess squares for dessert.

We are now all waddling.

The price you pay....

OH. And I made sangria.


Mister B was very popular this evening. At one point he was the lucky holder of a frog (Rrrrriiiiibbbbbiiiitttt!), a dragon (Roar!), Cooper (the real dog), and Dog-Dog.

Pop. U. Lar.

Miss Perpetual Motion decided he was good for a laugh and proceeded to chuck Dog-Dog at him and giggle and carry on. She was so tired that she had to go in shifts, as seen here:

Too much fun, indeed.

Eventually everyone helped clean up the toys (THANKS!!!!) and CT and Miss A went home to bed while we got Perpetual Motion ready over here. Amazingly, she went down with nary a peep.

All I can say is good times!

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