January 12, 2010

Best Crafty Completions

I guess that I shouldn't necessarily call these my best, aonly because I hope that I will make more and better items this year.  I also expect that I will be making more hats, and I imagine that they will get better each time I make them as well - you know, that whole experience thing...

Regardless, these six items were made this month.  Once I finished the dress for Miss Thing, I began making some hats for my cousin's daughters.  She's got four of them.  They are the sweetest and cutest little people.  The two youngest are twins, so they get the fuzzy hats that have two pom-poms and are blue, pink, purple and yellow.  The older girls get the round bright hats with one pom-pom.

I figured that if the youngest had pom-poms, then the older girls would want one as well.

The bear that you see is made from the left-over yarn.  Miss Perpetual Motion has a "Teddy Bear Day" at her school later this month, and I am hoping that she will want to take this one.   As he is new, and therefore not a favorite as of yet, we shall see.

Oh, the tiny hat was the first one I made and since it is so small I think I will give it to a friend who just had a baby.  Hopefully it will keep the little one warm in these cooler temps.

I have no idea what I will make next; any suggestions?

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