January 9, 2010

Best Helpful Moment

Today was rather busy here at Clementina headquarters.  We were supposed to take Cooper the Crazy and Completely Fuzzy Dog to the groomers this morning for a much-needed haircut (in case you couldn't tell from his title), but the groomer called me to let me know that her pipes had frozen and she had no water, so it was all a no-go.

The joys of living in Houston.

We headed over to a friend's house at 10 to talk about starting a babysitting co-op.  Don't freak out, anyone, it is seriously the most casual version you could imagine.  Honestly, it is exactly what we do now, which is email everyone to see who can help us if a situation were to arise...only now we know who is willing and/or interested in helping or trading help.  As one friend put it, it just makes it easier for us to ask for help instead of, say, taking your way too young child to the dentist with you and forcing the entire practice to take turns holding the screaming baby.

I may have some experience in that.

We came home for a later than usual lunch and nap, which means Miss PM didn't sleep as long as usual.  No biggie, since she got enough methinks.  Then I decided to haul her off to the YMCA again.  I wanted to see what it was like when the child-watch opened back up at 4pm.


The child-watch, anyway.  Miss Perpetual Motion and I were the first to make use of the service this afternoon, and PM so impressed me by having no tears when we arrived or when I left her in there with the nice ladies.  She will call them that, too, which is super fun.  I even asked her (like an idiot, since she could have said "Noooooo.") if she was ready to play, and with the most unconvincing and apprehensive look on her face she said "Yes."

Progress indeed.

There are no classes until 6pm in the evenings, so I just ran on the treadmill...which I usually don't enjoy, but since it is freezing outside (literally for once), that wasn't an option.  Plus, with the treadmill, the little man inside the machine tells me when to speed up, slow down, etc. which is kinda nice.

We came home and I jumped in the shower.  Miss Thing plays with a variety of toys in our bedroom/bathroom whenever I have to clean up.  Right now her velcro veggies and duplo blocks are among the toys in there.  She pulled apart all of her vegetables and put them together again.  She also found the single tiny Duplo man and held him, hugged him, kissed him, and rocked him before telling him she loves him and night night.

That was pretty cute.

Once I was all ready, I told her we had to clean up.  This is where we get to our Best Helpful Moment.  Things were going splendidly; she was helping me put veggies in their bag and duplos in their tub.  We finished with the veggies first, so I zipped up the bag and took them into the bedroom to their storage basket.  Meanwhile, PM finished collecting all of the blocks.  She then attempted to pick up the tub and bring it into the bedroom...except that she didn't even get completely into the picking up part before they were all loudly crashing to the tile floor.  The lid has not been mastered to say the least.  Nor the recognition of a need for one...

Apparently she really enjoys picking up the blocks, because she immediately began to do so and we finished it off the second time with a lid.

Hey, at least she is into helping...for now anyway...

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Brianne said...

N likes picking things up/putting them in their respective containers too and gets mad if I put things away without her. Sigh. If only it lasted into the teenage years.