January 7, 2010

Best Method for Snaggin' a Man

Apparently we are having as close to a real winter here in Houston as we can get. It all began in December when we had snow.

Yes, snow.

It began innocently enough, but soon it was coming down pretty heavily:

Miss Perpetual Motion and I spent much of the morning indoors watching it fall:

"What do you see, Perpetual Motion?"


Due to the fact that we had been enjoying the book Frosty the Snowman, Miss Thing only says the words snow and snowman in a high-pitched and long, drawn-out voice.
Yes, it is too cute.

After some of the white stuff had accumulated, we donned our wimpy winter weather gear and headed out to inspect.

Thank you, PM, for pointing out the snow.  I never would have found it without you.

She wasn't too thrilled with touching the snow; nor was she happy when her hands began to hurt.  Yes, we have mittens, but will she wear them?  Of course not!  How silly!


Inspecting her Winter Wonderland.

Now the weather people are calling for a hard freeze. At one point it was snow and then a hard freeze, but I do believe the snow is not on the forecast any longer. Due to the fact that nothing in these here parts was built to standards that allow for freezing of any kind, I just spent some time covering the plants that cannot withstand the temperatures and insulating our pipes.

Good times.

Now on to other things, like PM's Best Method for Snaggin' a Man.

Today she had a great day at school. She was really worried on the way there, but we talked about who would be there and what she would get to do and how I would come back after everything to get her. Once we pulled into the parking lot she was fine and when I set her down at the door to her classroom, she stomp/marched her way in, holding her Dog-Dog like she was going to chuck him at someone.

That's it, you know.

Chucking Dog-Dog at people...usually men.

When I returned this afternoon, I noticed that her classmate's Dad had already arrived. By the time I got to the classroom door, PM had already deposited Dog-Dog at his feet, and by deposited I mean she threw him, or practically body-slammed him. Not only that, but when she received no attention, she walked away and was on her way back, pointing out her "Dog-Dog!" to him when I walked in.

This 'method' is her way to entice men. She spent our entire Christmas holiday doing just that with Grand-Dad. The poor man couldn't get a hug or anything simple like that. Nope, she would see him, go get Dog-Dog, and follow Grand-Dad around, chucking the animal at him so that he would pick it up and come back after her.

It worked splendidly; she always got her man.

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