January 28, 2010

Best One or the Other

I've noticed some improvement the past two days in my classes at the Y. My ability in the bodypump class is directly related to the fact that I've figured out what weight I can successfully lift for each segment.

Really I just had to take the shoulder weight down some...mostly because I have wimpy ones.

Now that I know the weight that is appropriate, I can almost get the whole way through every segment without any stopping or wimping out. Overall, I complete each one, but not without feeling like my muscles are about to rip themselves off of my body and retreat in defiance.

So, you know, improvement.

As for bodyattack, there I am able to go more all-out with the cardio sections. I am also waaaaay better at the push-up track. As in now I actually do them the whole way through...or at least until my shoulder won't let me do them anymore.

I would be better at that class if not for the wimpy ankle syndrome it seems to invoke in its participants. For reals. I talked with a few classmates today and while I'm the only one who was bringing it up, I am not the only one with ankle wimpiness problems. Apparently a lot of us have experienced the achy pain around our ankles and it has caused a few of us to have trouble walking on the days following the class.

At least I am not alone.

Solidarity: keeps you going.

On another note, my dog just ate a chess square. A big one. For those of you who are unaware, chess squares are food, not broken pieces of a game board. The ingredients include a box of confectioner's sugar. A BOX. And I repeat: my dog just ate a big piece.

I figure that any moment now he's either going to run laps around the house like a crazy possessed thing or he'll just keel over dead from the rush.


Or the other.

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