January 20, 2010

Best Worst Neighbor Dog

Okay, so back when my computer first got all infected and crappy and just made me feel ick - you know, the straw that broke the camel's back and all of that, I went from being close to going to bed at 10pm to not even heading to bed until midnight.

Yeah, I looked for answers for my computer for a while.  And yes, I am not intelligent when it comes to the virus, etc. on computers, so I found nothing except confirmation that I could not take care of it myself.


That night, I desperately needed to get to sleep quickly, what with the computer thing and Rocket Man being out of town, etc.  And what happens?  THE NEIGHBOR'S DOG.

There is a tiny dog that lives behind us.

He barks ALL NIGHT.

Two at a time, spaced a couple of seconds apart.

Literally ALL NIGHT.

It took me forever to fall asleep, and then any time that I woke up a bit from rolling over or wahtnot, I would lie there awake for a while because of the BARKING.

WHAT does he bark at?!?!?!


WHY is he left out all night to bark??!?!?!?


All in all, a very irritating situation!


Britney said...

Maybe your neighbor reads your blog and will get a clue?!?!
That's really annoying and I know just the feeling (though ours is not a dog, but the bass from our neighbor's '89 Honda...that's what happens when you live on the edge of the ghetto).

Brianne said...

Ohhhh.... there is nothing more annoying for troubled sleepers. The strays in Italy used to make me fantasize about doing very evil things.... especially because it was back in the day when I knew N would be waking me up at 5.