January 6, 2010

Best No You Haven't Mentioned That Moment

The girls of casa crazytown (that is where we currently reside, in case you were wondering) had a very busy day today. We began with a short episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse complete with a giant and the Professor, both of whom are Miss Thing's favorites...especially the Professor. Then breakfast was had and clothes were donned so that we could head out.

Our first excursion of the day was to the YMCA. I joined last month and made no use of the place due to illness followed by illness followed by illness followed by travel and ending with recovery from the travel. Excellent use of finances, was that.

Today we arrived at the Y and I placed her in the child care, with much "Maaaamaaaaa"-ing and tears, while I quickly escaped the apparently sound-proofed child care room and headed over to participate in my first BODYPUMP class. I apologize for the all-caps treatment, but apparently that's how the BP people want it.

I am sure that tomorrow I will not be able to move most of my body, so pumped it shall be, but the class was fun and a nice change from running all of the time. I plan to go tomorrow and check out what I believe is called BODYATTACK. I am sure you can figure out what company created it. It is supposed to be more aerobic and less pump-y. Hopefully I'll enjoy it as well and then I can make real use of my membership.

Also, hopefully I will be able to make use of my limbs within a few days.

When I was done with my class, which I was expecting to be yanked from at any moment due to the my-mother-is-leaving-me crying fit I left when we first arrived, I returned to the child-watch area to find Little Miss playing just fine on her own. I handed her Dog-Dog to her just before I left her originally, and by the time I came to pick her up he had been left on the floor while she played.

Poor Dog-Dog.

Anyway, it looks like she had an okay time, so hopefully this means we can repeat this process many times over.

I tell you all about our day because of some very enlightening information Rocket Man (finally) decided to impart. Miss Thing has been having a hard time at school since the Thanksgiving week we had off. I have had to go and get her a couple of times before naps are had. Granted, there was some illness in there and we all know that can have a lot to do with it, but also? She seems to be slightly attached to me.

I don't mean to complain, and I am sure that one day I'll miss it (Really? I'm not so sure...), but the incessant crying/whining "Mama" that emits from her mouth is extremely tiring.

Today's behavior makes me very glad that we do things like Mothers Day Out and the YMCA child watch just in case she takes after her father in this particular area. Why would I worry about that exactly?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our best No, You Haven't Mentioned That moment:

Rocket Man got sick every day for about four months when he first went to school.

Oh, yeah.

Then he tells me that he is pretty sure that he soon realized that if he got sick, the school would call his Mom to come and get him.

I would really rather not go down that path, people.


Karen said...

I hear ya about the whining, but she will outgrow it and she will be fine, all mine have been attched and still are, but it does get better, may never fully go away, but does get better, and as they are getting older it does make me feel needed.

Britney said...

So glad to hear that she's really beginning to handle her time away from you well, I know your sanity appreciates it.