January 23, 2010

Best Culprit

Here at Casa Crazy Pants (that would be Cooper's name - the dog...the real live one...for those of you who are unaware) we are all a little sick.

Miss Thing had her second N1H1 flu shot last Friday morning, and she has had a runny nose ever since.  I don't really think that the issue came from the flu shot, since she was developing a little something prior to the shot, but I do think it has assisted its...staying power.

Being the Mama, I got sneezed on and slobbered on, etc.  As Rocket Man put it, she used me as a human tissue for a day or two.  And so now I am sick-ish.

I say ish because I have had drainage and a sore throat for a few days.  I don't feel horrible, but I don't feel great.  I have now reached that lovely point in a cold where your sinuses take turns being completely stopped up and your ears rotate between which one will pop and which one will not pop after you blow your nose.

Good times.

Not that I am blowing my nose all that much either, since this mostly appears to be back in the recesses of my head...perhaps it will shake loose all of those memories that somehow escape me.

I attribute my lack of serious cold symptoms to the fact that I was a teacher for about five years.  This means that for the first year or so I was sick ALL THE TIME.  And when you're a music teacher who needs to sing all day long, having colds that deliver sore throats is not much fun.  So my guess is that my immune system still has a few of those antibodies floating around.

Rocket Man, on the other hand, does not have such antibodies.  What he does have is the crazy ability to go through an illness with super-hero speed.

You know, like a rocket.

See what I did there?


What this means is that an illness that lasts a week for the normal person might last three days for him.  This can be good and bad.  It is mostly good, since his recovery time is super-speedy.  Unfortunately this also means that there is never a gentle easing into anything, not even a cold.  Nope, it just wallops him and he goes from completely healthy to absolutely sick in less than a full work-day.

He came home like that this evening and is now out purchasing various cold remedies.

Yeah, we never have them in the house.

On our way to dinner he declared Miss Thing to be the culprit.  She does make us sick from time to time, and he gets the worst of it, or so it seems.

It sure is a good thing that she's so cute, or we might throw her out with the used tissues...


Nah, what fun would that be?

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