January 4, 2010

Best New Activity

Miss Perpetual Motion has figured out her best new activity. It involves one of her favorite new Christmas toys: Lego Duplo. She was rather obsessed with them the last time we had photographs made; she spent more of her time with the "Blocks!" than in the studio attempting to pose.

Due to this obsession, I decided to purchase some as a Christmas present. They are not cheap, my friends, so a large set I did not get. I decided on a medium sized package of them, and apparently I chose one just big enough:

Oh, yes.  She asks very politely for you to open the bucket. Then she unceremoniously dumps the blocks onto the ground. And then? Oh, my, the fun. She grabs onto the sides and very carefully places one foot inside and then the other foot. Occasionally she falls over while attempting to get her feet in, and then she has to start over.

Usually she manages to get both of her feet in the bucket, and then she balances her behind on the back edge for just a bit before she kaplunks into the bucket completely. The experience is oh so much better if she has her Dog-Dog with her.

But of course.

Also fabulous is the fact that she now knows how to say "Cheese" for the camera.

Good times.

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Britney said...

For her birthday, perhaps you don't need gifts but just some big empty boxes :)