March 21, 2010

Aaaaannnnndddd.....More Shopping!

So I went to my class this morning...for the first time in two weeks. I am a slacker and it showed.

Then we all got ready and headed out to shop for Rocket Man's weather gear for Russia. Oh, and I had to return half of Miss Thing's because she grew and some things just aren't going to fit when we get there. Thankfully they had the clothing in the next size up, so we could get her rain suit and things in the right size.

I think RM can finally see how overwhelming the shopping can be for this move...since he basically turned to me when we got there and said "So what did you buy here?" Um, yeah. I didn't have that kinda help; we were just wandering.

Anyway, he was able to get his rain gear, a pair of boots, socks and a fleece. Then we headed to a ski place and he purchased the warmest coat ever. Apparently he was in danger of sweating in it at the store, so that is pretty warm.

Jason's Deli was our lunch and then home we went so that Miss Thing and I could take a nap. The night-time sleeping, at least for me, hasn't been the greatest lately.

We slept for three hours.


I, for one, should never get to sleep tonight.

We're headed to a neighborhood dinner at a tex-mex restaurant in a few minutes; everyone is getting together to say SEE YA! to us. And by everyone I mean whoever is able to show up. It should be good.

Have I mentioned that Rocket Man has been out of town more since January 1st than he has been at home? And that the trend continues up until we leave?


March 20, 2010

Long Time No Write

Howdy, Strangers!

It's been a while.

We've been exceptionally busy here at Casa Crazy Pants so I had to take a break from the blogging. The good news is that we've purchased a lot. The bad news is that it cost a lot. Oh, and did I mention that we aren't done? Oh, yeah. It is tough to keep going with it since I feel like I've made a ton of progress...and yet, there are those things that haven't been covered yet.

Aside from that, things are moving along. The paperwork is being processed for tons of things: visas, health certificates, home sale, and the list goes on. We still have our cars to sell, and that hasn't really begun yet, but since we are most likely going the carmax route, there isn't really much involved.

The dog, he has a home. All of you out there who know him or of him can thank B because thanks to him Senor Cooper shall have somewhere to live. He'll have one person all to himself with some visits from R-Shelly (and he loves her) not to mention the back yard with a fence and some dogs to terrorize.

No, really. He will.

Miss thing knows we are going to Russia. And that Cooper is going to live with "Cooper's B". Apparently that is how it works. Cooper will now own B. Not that Cooper would complain about that distinction. She's always trying to add people to the list of who goes to Russia: "Mama, Daddy, Miss Thing, Guga, Papa Jim RUSSIA!!!" And yes, she shouts the RUSSIA part.

At least she's excited.

I will leave you with a few quotes:

"Uh, oh, Skuttios!" (when something falls)

"I found Mama!" (surely you can figure this one out)

"Mama's HAT!" (when she brings me one of her two cowgirl hats so we are both wearing one)

"Too Tight!" (Whenever something feels different...or LOOKS on her baby doll)

Have I mentioned that she now has a few books memorized and she enjoys reading them? It is too funny.


March 8, 2010

Holy Shopping, Batman!

We've been shopping the last couple of days. Little things that we need for our place in Russia as well as all of the decorative items we want to have in our very neutral home. Rugs - indoor, outdoor and everything in between have been looked at, felt, walked on, and purchased.

Curtains are the bane of my existence.

The list for winter gear has a dent in it. As does my bank account.

We are all exhausted; Miss Thing especially. That is what happens when you push lunch and nap times back more than an hour two days in a row. Thankfully, we only had one minor melt-down and it was remedied with a few crackers. When we all got home everyone took a nap. Unfortunately, she only slept an hour and a half. Normally this would be fine, but with people here and so many things happening, it is not nearly enough. She did sleep another hour with her Guga, so that was nice.

We are going to attempt curtains again tomorrow. Take 24,546,573.

I might just buy the ugliest things we see just to have it done.

Let's hope not.

March 7, 2010

And I Quote...


Pfessor! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anyone?)

EL-LE-LANT! (While Guga was napping)

I get it!

Wead, Pa-Jim, wead.

Me: What would you like to eat for dinner?
Miss Thing: Lunch!

We've been teaching her that we have to stop the car when the light is red. Usually she demands that we GO! This morning I came to a stop sign and had to wait for some traffic to pass.
Miss Thing: The light is wed.

They were playing music at lunch today. She decided to join in:

While at the rodeo, we went into the petting zoo. There was a rather large goat that was mostly black with a couple of white spots here and there.
Miss Thing (to the goat): Cow! Meoooooooooooo!

Also at the rodeo, there were camel rides. We stopped to show her the camel.
Miss Thing: Horse! Neeeeeeeeeeh!

March 6, 2010

Normal for Some Folks... strange to me.


[just in case you couldn't read that] 

March 5, 2010


Guga and Papa Jim are here.

They arrived this morning via airplane.

I spent the morning...

washing sheets

getting milk and cheerios

turning on MICKEY!!!!!

cleaning the kitchen

hiding all of the stuff we've purchased

feeding the girl-child

and myself

drying the sheets

calling the computer guy to get our printer online

making the bed

checking the flight status

and driving to the airport.

On our way there I asked her who she would see. She responded with "Daddy!!!" I told her that yes, she would finally see her Daddy today, but HELLO, who is coming to give her hugs and kisses (we've only talked about this a bazillion times so far today)...and she thought.

And she thought some more.

Then she declared "Guga!"

And "Pa-Jim!"

I mentioned that they would be coming in on an airplane and she said "YEAH!!"

When we got close to the airport we started seeing HUGE cargo planes taking off, which she LOVED and I hoped wouldn't fall on me cause HOLY SMOKES are they huge when they've just taken off and happen to be RIGHT OVER your car.

Then we spent a couple of minutes whining/complaining/begging for more airplanes.

FINALLY, we saw some more.




So yeah, that last one was strange, but to each her own, right?

March 4, 2010

faux post

Nothing today, people.

I'm tired.

I have a major headache brewing... will probably be awful in the morning.

Good times.

That's all.

March 3, 2010

Penguin Giggles

Let me set this one up for you.

The penguin is saying "Just smile and wave , boys." and "Progress report!". Papa Jim and Guga are her audience by way of web cam. That's Papa Jim you hear laughing and talking to her.

The crazy giggles? I have no idea. Apparently that penguin is TOO FUNNY.

March 2, 2010


My day was a bit of a battle.

Stranger things have happened.

I am sure I will use that phrase many times this month.

Right now? I am headed to bed.

My child? She is crying out in her sleep.


The battle continues...

March 1, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Month two of 2010 is coming to and end.

Amazingly, I managed to post something every day. Granted, this is the shortest month, which makes it a little easier I suppose.

I am going to try and post each day in March, but I am definitely worried that I won't be able to find the time every single day. The posts might have to be short since we are quickly being thrown into the madness that is moving overseas.

I love it while disliking parts of it.

Sounds like life, eh?

I am tired this evening, a combination of the stress and the cold [allergies?] I am currently experiencing.

Let's hope I can get some things accomplished tomorrow and that posting here is one of them!