June 4, 2009

Good Eats

Although Alton Brown acts a tad bit kooky on his show, Rocket Man and I enjoy watching it on occasion, hence the theft of title.

Last night we had quite the family dinner. Rocket Man had training yesterday, which means that he was able to get home earlier than usual. In fact, he arrived just before Little Miss Itty Bitty and I returned from the playground.

Our meal consisted of spaghetti and asparagus. LMIB ate some of all of it.

This means that she had whole wheat noodles, onion, garlic, red peppers, mushrooms, beef, tomato sauce, and asparagus.

We also made her some of her own food which was green beans and rice.

As you can see, she rather enjoyed eating all of it. The ground beef gave her cause for concern the first time she put it in her mouth, but once she was aware of the texture she was good to go!

The main thing, aside from the fact that she ate all of those different foods, is that she really enjoys eating with us. She is oh so aware that she is eating what we are eating at the same time that we are eating it. For this and other reasons, she really enjoys going out to eat.

That is the best of both worlds as not only does she get to eat at the table like Mom and Dad, but she gets to see another new place, which is always high on her list of things to do.

It certainly makes 'going out' much more fun for us!

Hopefully we can keep up the good eater habits for a few years...but the picky ones are yet to come...

Just thought some of you would like an update!

I'm out.