November 27, 2012

Pervey Sneg 2012

It snowed all day yesterday - small flakes that tend to pile up and stick around.  Unfortunately, the temps dropped overnight and the powder stopped falling.  It was a great snow for playing, as evidenced below.  The kids had lots of fun!  Goose-a-maroo (E) is in the pink snowsuit (shocker, I know).

November 4, 2012

I'm Thinking Most of You Don't Care...

...but if in fact you do, please comment.  Mostly this is for everyone to whom I sent a Facebook message regarding the fact that my hair is in need of some serious help.  Please ignore the crazy amount of split ends and shagginess resulting from my not doing anything to my hair at all except, you know, washing it and letting it air dry.  Also, apologies for my lack of makeup and other cover-up-the-bad-and-hopefully-enhance-the-good; I tend to forget to do those things.  Here are some photos of what Matt and I think might look okay:

Of course, I could just keep my hair as is and pin it like this each day, but Matt and I agree that I would probably get tired of that and not do it, so if I really want to do it I need to get it cut this way...or at least a variant of this way...

And now so that your time is not completely wasted, here is the Oldest looking particularly cute: