January 16, 2010

Best Friendship Development

A friend of ours recently had a baby.  She is tiny and smooshy and adorable like babies tend to be.  She arrived into a family with two older brothers who are very excited to finally see her.

The middle child, E, used to have some reservations about Perpetual Motion.  You see, E had all sorts of fabulous toys, and whenever he would bring them to a community event, PM would want to play with them.  And by play, I mean look at, touch, hold, carry around, and any other version you can possibly think of.

Due to this very predictable event, E started leaving things at home.  He would even tell his Mom that he left them at home.  You know, so that they were safe and whatnot.

Recently, his Mom convinced him that it was okay to bring his things, but that if he brought them, he had to share.  This meant that he would show up at, say, the playground, and immediately let PM see the item.  Just to get it over and done with.

Yesterday we went to the playground where we met the baby for the first time.  The kids were all playing on their own for a while and then, oh then, E started playing with Perpetual Motion.  Like, to the extent that she was even a little put-off by it.  Mostly because he rrreeeaaaallllyyy wanted to play with her and help her, etc.  At one point he was pushing her in the swing and she was so not sure about THAT.

He was having a GREAT time, though.

The best part of yesterday was that E brought a little Woody doll (you know, Toy Story?) along to the playground and not only did he show it to Miss Thing, but he let her hold the doll and keep the doll until it was time to leave.

I'd say he is going to be a super big brother.

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The Slate Family said...

Love it!!! E is coming around!!!!