January 29, 2010

Best Everything-ing

I am tired.

There are a few reasons.

For starters, Rocket Man has been out of town.  Not only that, but he found out in the afternoon the day before he was supposed to be gone.  So no prep-time.

And I don't mean physically preparing things, I mean mentally.  If I have some prior notification, I can mentally prepare myself for the single everything-ing (which is what they should call single parenting...cause you are not just being the parent by yourself; you are being everything by yourself).

Also, I didn't drink coffee yesterday or today.

No, I'm not pregnant or trying to become so, so stop that train of thought right there.

Honestly, I don't drink that much of it anymore and washing that dern coffeepot every single day without end amen was getting to me.

It was nice to not wash it these past two days.

I do think that the half a cup I've been having on a regular basis gives me just enough of a kick that I don't have the tireds all day.  YES, THE TIREDS.

Because I am tired, so I can make up words.


My child misses and asks for her Daddy all day long.

That is a tad bit tiring too.

That is all.

1 comment:

Brianne said...

I finally started using one of those stovetop espresso makers (but with regular grounds), and it makes a better cup and is easy to wash. I too only have about a half cup a day, but a crucial one.