January 10, 2010

Best Night Out

We spent some time with our neighbors today.  They have a little one in their house as well, and we got together so the kiddos could play.  It was an interesting experience for Miss Thing, sine she was really not sure about the fact that someone her size was playing with her toys.  I guess it is good that for the most part she didn't try to take them back or anything...but she did get upset a couple of times when he wasn't doing things the way she thought he should be.

After some snacks and animal time (they have a cat and a dog...one who LIKES little kids), we all decided that we wanted Mexican for dinner.

Now, Rocket Man and I found an excellent Mexican restaurant before we moved over to Spain; it is called Ruthie's Mexicana and it has the spiciest fajitas that we've ever eaten.  Like, your lips are on fire it is so hot.  Also, their tortillas and chips, etc. are excellent.

We have eaten there three times since we returned from Spain, and either our spicy-hot tolerance has increased (too much Little Buddha?) or they aren't cooking them with as much heat.  Regardless, we've been looking for some spicy food.

Our neighbors suggested Del Pueblo and man was it good.  The kids ate a lot of avocado and some cheese enchilada and rice and we had some very spicy and excellent fajitas.

Along with the company, it made for the Best Night Out we've had in quite some time.

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