December 12, 2009


The so-called infant pod is finished. Please forgive the baby doll in the above photo; I went with what I had. I made the pod to specs, inches-wise, and I must admit that I think it will be waaaayyyy long for a newborn mostly because they tend to keep their bodies all smooshed up

If the child wants to stretch his or her legs, however, it is long enough to accommodate that for an average newborn...which is a good thing I suppose.

Better too big than too small, yes?

Also, I am certain that there are some mistakes in it, which is to be expected when one has been driven crazy by the business of the present giving season.

Regardless, I am very happy with it and excited that I now have a rather unique gift to give people who have little ones on the way. I learned a few new stitches/cast-ons/seam methods with this project, and that is always good.

Carry on, people, carry on.

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