January 31, 2010

Best New Song

We ate at Del Pueblo again tonight.

We might be addicted.

The wait staff always gives us funny looks when we tell them to make it "as hot as you can." I think they make it as hot as they think we can take it...'cause we all know there are hotter peppers than that. Rocket Man about did himself in with his second fajita...and stopped putting peppers of any kind on them from that point forward. I, on the other hand, loaded them up every time. Apparently my face got rather red a couple of times this evening, and I know I got a little sweaty...I mean I glowed, people...but man, was it good!

Miss Thing had chicken tenders with fries...and AVOCADO! If only you could all hear how she says it. We ask for sliced avocado, then she asks a bazillion times about it while they slice it, and when the man sets it down in front of her she gets all wide-eyed and shouts:

It is awesome.

Towards the end of our dinner the karaoke machine is set up and the resident musician begins to perform. Miss Thing LOVES that part. She dances in her seat, asks for more, tells us to listen and in general has a grand old time.

Tonight the last song we heard was Tequila, which I cannot hear without thinking of Pee Wee Herman. The best part? Miss Thing started to shout "Tequila!" along with the song.

We might be in trouble.

Wait a second...we have a girl-child...of course we are in trouble!


Britney said...

I would like to go to this restaurant when I visit...it sounds highly entertaining!

Running On Fumes said...

We already had it in the plans!!