December 13, 2007

December 12 of 12

Time once again for Chad's 12 of 12. Check out his site to see what everyone did today.

00:17; Sotogrande, Spain
Lucky me, I was up at this lovely hour of the night. What for? Why, to introduce the contents of my stomach to the toilet. Except that isn't entirely correct since there was really nothing in my it was more like an attempt, but a good one at that.

5:07; Sotogrande, Spain
Cooper woke me up at 4:30 to go out. I have no idea why he was up so early; he's been getting up after 7:30 lately. He assumed that he needed his breakfast immediately following his walk, since that is the normal routine, so I fed him.

10:30; Sotogrande, Spain
I went back to bed to make up for the lack of sleep created by the toilet time and woke up around 10:15. Mmmm - mini-wheats.

11:56; La Línea, Spain
Took a trip down to the mercadillo in La Línea. I didn't buy anything, but there were plenty of people there purchasing lots for la Navidad. This woman is a good example of the amount of shopping people were doing.

11:56; La Línea, Spain
The mercadillo is held in a city park where old military bunkers sit.

15:56; Sotogrande, Spain
I ate some lunch and took a nap because I was still feeling icky and tired. Cooperchew decided he would nap on the sofa while I was in bed.

15:57; Sotogrande, Spain
I started reading this book once I was awake and Cooper snuggled with me.

18:18; Sotogrande, Spain
We played with his monster for a little while...

18:19; Sotogrande, Spain
...but he quickly switched over to his new favorite toy: his squeaky chicken.

20:01; Pueblo Nuevo; Spain
I waited around until Señor CC called from Houston - where he's been for a month of joys - and then I headed across the freeway to the italian restaurant to order take-away.

20:32; Sotogrande, Spain
This is the best pasta ever. Pear and cheese filled pasta with sage sauce. Mmmm.

21:07; Sotogrande, Spain
Once I was done eating, I finished reading the book I began earlier in the day. Then I watched some NCIS on DVD while I worked on this. It is eventually going to be a pillow for my nieces...they like to play with their baby dolls, and the main "game" deals with putting the babies down to go night-night.

23:07; Sotogrande, Spain; Bonus Photo
Speaking of night-night, Cooper was most definitely sleeping by this point. In fact, he was dreaming. I believe he dreams of chasing rabbits...since we have seen none the whole time we've been in Spain, and he does enjoy making them bound away.

That is it. I'm off to bed.