January 5, 2010

Best Boo!

Today was a tough day for many; we all had to get back into the swing of things. People went back to work, kids went back to school, and for us? We had to deal with the fact that Perpetual Motion didn't get to see her Daddy all day long.

It is very difficult when you are a little one.

At one point during the morning, she was saying everyone's name she knew. This included the Aunts and Uncles as well as the grandparents and great-grandparents. Randomly she would state their names and occasionally a name would be accompanied by a very purposeful nod of the head.

Our outing for the day was a trip to find a couple of long-sleeve outfits since she has just in the last few days outgrown some. Unfortunately, we live in Houston, land of the warm and humid, and although it was cold for our averages today (and supposedly remaining that way and colder for the week), there were no long-sleeved anythings to be found.

I searched through three stores worth of clothing and only managed to find two outfits. I also managed a pair of long-sleeved pajamas, but even those aren't fleece, which is what we are wearing right now. It seems whenever I shop that the clothes I like are available in every size except hers...as if everyone in the surrounding area has a little girl that big and bought up all of the clothes already.

There were bathing suits and thin, little clothes out.

It is only January 4th.

Anyway - here are some photos of what I found:






Any of you who know her are well aware that she has a penguin with which she sleeps and she absolutely loves elephants.  They are her favorite at the zoo and it is the best animal sound that her Daddy makes.  As she is working on her Fs/PHs, the name comes out "Elelant", but we'll get there.

And now for our best of the day: Best Boo!  Also, the first video I've ever posted. We bought ourselves a mini recorder (like the flip, but a different brand) for Christmas. I hooked it up today and apparently we already have about thirty videos recorded.

We are in so much trouble.

Anyway, here she is playing Peek-A-Boo with her rocking chair. You can hear me very well as I am holding the camera, but in order to hear her, I suggest turning your volume up very high. Enjoy!


Paula said...

How cool is that! She is so adorable!!

Britney said...

I am SOOOOOO very excited about the addition of video to your blog. Also, nice work on all the January posts so far :)

Brianne said...

We went in search of a scarf for N the other day and, unbelievably, all of the winter stuff was in discount bins already. After 3 stores I finally found one (there were only two left) and I guess the early spring merchandise pushing out winter did me a favor 'cause it was only four niner niner. Can't beat that. But really, we're heading in to the coldest months, this is a bit ridonkulous, even for comparatively (compared to, say, Siberia) "temperate" climates.

Running On Fumes said...

Paula - Thanks; we agree:-)
Britney - Excitement indeed. And thanks for the encouragement; it is nice to know the posting is appreciated!
Brianne - I blame the consumerist machine. We're off to Valentine's Day already (made up even...when there are real holidays of historical significance in there) and yet they're pushing swimwear. I enjoy the discount on the clothes, but not searching through 4-5 store just to find two outfits. Frustrating and unnecessary.