January 22, 2010

Best ???

I don't even know what to call this post. If anyone has any ideas after reading it, please let me know.

As anyone who's been checking in this month is well aware, I have been going to the gym. I have been doing a few classes, one called BodyPump, one called BodyAttack, and a yoga class. They are all good for different reasons.

My body usually starts to react to exercise and the like after a few weeks. As in five or so if I am just running. Once I start to show improvement (and I mean visually looking better...as in hey, that flubby area is looking less flubby), I get excited.

Don't we all?

When I add in weights and the like, as I have done this go 'round, I show small improvement even sooner. As in by today. And I've been at it for three weeks. I mean, it isn't noticeable to the average person, but I notice it and I would expect my husband to notice it.

Can anyone see where this post is going?

Credit is given where it is due: he has informed me that I look better here and there...where here and there are parts of my body. To anyone who's headed towards a gutter, STEER CLEAR!

Moving along.

On that credit front, it should be mentioned that I like (and quite possibly need?) for someone, usually Rocket Man, to tell me when they notice improvement. No, I am not fishing for compliments from you people.


Let's recap: I've been working out. My body is showing small improvements. Rocket Man has acknowledged those improvements. I like the acknowledgments.

Which brings us to today. Today, my friends (though you may hate me after I tell you this), it was 70-some degrees F here in Houston. There wasn't really much humidity, the sky was clear and it was nice.


Since we had late-spring-like temps, I had to go searching for appropriate clothing. This meant that for the first time in quite a few weeks (months?) I wore a short-sleeved shirt.

Oh, NOW we all see where this is headed.

On Thursdays of late, we tend to meet up at Pump It Up to play with the child and then we go from there to dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant, I asked Rocket Man if my arms looked any different.

As in, for real, do they?

Wanna know what he did?

He laughed out loud.

Then he told me that he's going to start calling me Bazookas.


BU said...

Best Acknowledgement.

Brianne said...

Did he then ask if he could buy tickets to the gun show? I'm constantly asking my husband if he notices any difference and then telling him why he should. If only they would one day say, unprompted, "Wow! You look like you've lost 4 inches on your waist and your thighs look like twigs!"

Jenky said...

Best use of a Bubblegum Brand as a Complement?