November 1, 2009

Salzburg, Austria: Morning Stroll

We arrived in Salzburg, Austria pretty late at night. We flew from Jerez, Spain through Palma de Mallorca and on to Salzburg. We had a late departure from Jerez, and our layover in Mallorca was originally only about 45 minutes...which was cut down to about 25 once we arrived.

The airport there is tiny, and none of the planes disembarked at a gate, but on the tarmac. Everyone had to get on buses and wait and wait and wait before finally being taken to a terminal. Then we ran and ran and ran (this sounds like a kids' book) to get to our second flight. We just made it.

Upon arrival in Salzburg we found that some of our luggage did not.

Luckily, I had decided to pack our items equally in two bags. This meant both of us had some clothing in each, and although I did not have pajamas the first night, at least we each had new clothing for the following day.

We caught a cab to the NH Salzburg, which is located on the opposite side of the river from the old town. We walked down to the newer section of the city and found a place for dinner. It was mighty tasty and we ate there two nights during our stay.

The first morning was cool and brisk (winter, yay!) and we had plans to visit the fortress first thing, so we walked through town towards our destination. First we had to cross the river:

Then we walked through the small streets where we were able to see the spires on the Residenz and the Cathedral:

Murals cover many of the buildings in the town:

We made our way down to Mozart Platz, where an ice-rink is set up around the statue of Mozart, which has (of course) been tagged by someone with spray-paint.


From there, we could see the fortress peeking at us between the glockenspiel and the cathedral spire:

It was a fabulous morning and as you can see, very sunny, which made walking around fabulous. Tomorrow I'll show you the fortress!

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