November 20, 2009


Yesterday morning was quite chilly for Houston, so I decided to put Perpetual Motion in a dress for the first time in a long while. This probably does not make much sense to those of you who have warm weather, but previously she was wearing thin leggings and shirts. This dress is corduroy and comes with a long-sleeve onesie as well as tights, so the warmth difference is significant. She looks thrilled to be in it, doesn't she?

Honestly, I think that first photo was just because I grabbed the camera, since her next photo included running in a circle and laughing...while holding her new friend: the hanger.

I believe she is beginning to understand that when I hold the big black thing that beeps and clicks, she should ham it up. If so, we should have some great photos in the near future.

Also: that dress? Too cute.

And I am not of the too cute variety.

She had a good day at school. She made a turkey and shared snacks and walked her own self into the room to play for the second time - a definite improvement. When we got home, she immediately asked for the lights. Lights! On! Lights!

The tree thrills her. She asks for the lights first thing and then stand there gently touching the tree, the limbs, and oh my goodness the necklaces!!

They are oh so pretty.

She loves the tree so much that she will randomly give it hugs:

Thank you tree for being in my house and for having lights and necklaces. Love the tree.

What else does she love? Making messes while I cook. Which is better (I think?) than fussing while I pay attention to the hot stove instead of her.

Another love is that of an odd kind of dress-up. Here she is with her new shoe and purse:


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Britney said...

OK, so the loving of the tree is just too cute! It must be amazing to see everything again through *her* eyes. How awesome EVERYTHING must be! Even the most mundane- Christmas garland aka tree necklaces. Hahaha!

Second, she seems pretty tall in these photos- is that just me...AND seems to have a lot of hair! Good girl, E, you've gotten your Mom beat by at least 6 months! ;-)

Thanks for the post- highlight of my day! :)