November 23, 2009


On our second day together, we all visited the Houston Zoo. Perpetual Motion was just a tad excited to be there when we arrived:

We went over towards the large animals first and saw the elephants. Basically, every time we saw a new animal, Perpetual Motion would yell out at the top of her lungs in excitement. She couldn't believe that we were seeing so many animals, and since she now knows what some of them are and what they sound like, it was very exciting for her.

We arrived at the elephants at a good time as they were being fed a snack. In order to get their food, they had to perform tricks. Some were taking a bow, some would hold a foot up to shake, and others would wave hello with their trunk. It was fun to watch.

Then there was the male elephant. He was none too happy that the others were being fed when he was not. He went back to the large metal gate and used his trunk to slam against it, knocking it so that all we heard was a very loud clunk, clunk, clunk. Then he came over a bit and raised his trunk up like so:

It is a good thing the tusks are not pointy, eh?

We enojyed ourselves this morning looking at all of the animals and plants. The zoo has some of the most interesting plants and trees that I've ever seen, like the Silk Floss tree pictured below:

It has thorns (ha-yuge ones) that go from the base of the trunk up to the branches.


We made it to the lion enclosure in time to see a keeper talk. They were demonstrating how they have trained to lions to come over to them and take injections without being sedated in any way.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for that task.

Our morning was very full, so we rested in the afternoon a bit. Tomorrow I'll tell you about our trip up to Brenham.

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