October 25, 2009

Bath Time!

One of Perpetual Motion's very favorite activities is taking a bath. These days we do it in the kitchen sink as it is the perfect size and height. When I ask her if she is ready for a bath she starts saying "Bath! Bath! Bath!" If she is not immediately put into the water, which is the norm as I am typically still getting everything ready when I ask her, this turns into "BATH! PLEASE! BATH, BATH PLEASE BAAAAAATH!!!!!!!!!!"

Then when I plop her in, I get this:

It is followed immediately by a discussion of one of the most fantastic things ever: BUBBLES! Our conversation goes something like this:

Me: That's right, those are bubbles.
PM: BUBBLES!!!!! (accompanied by much smacking of bubbles)
Me: Thank you, now I have bubbles on me as well.
PM: BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!! (At this point she usually picks them up and tries to eat them)
Me: Mmmm, bubbles.

When she is all wet it is very easy to see that her hair, though still practically nonexistent, is actually growing. It would be easier to tell if it were a darker color. We think it is finally long enough to put bows and things into it, but I am fairly certain she would just take them out and I definitely don't want any more things to keep track of, so no bows or other hair things yet.

Her absolute favorite part of bath time, aside from the initial bubble discussion, is when I do this:

I don't really know the appeal aside from the sensation of warm water rolling down her head. She asks for me to do this over and over. I usually give in a couple of times just because it makes her so happy. And look: teeth! She's finally got some molars, though they are only about half-way in. Slow goes it on that front, as with the hair.

For the most part, this is what bath time is like with a toddler. Don't you wish you had one? Strike that, cause lots of other things are no fun at all, like the oink flu. Instead, see if you can borrow one for bath time; it is fun indeed.

Just make sure the parents know you are borrowing their kid; otherwise you could run into some problems...

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