November 22, 2009

Arrival and Playground

Grandma, Guga and Papa Jim arrived on Monday, November 9th. Perpetual Motion had been in school that morning and I was given a very good report. Finally it seems she is getting used to going there. I picked her up from the church, ran home to let the dog out one last time, and then we got right back into the car to head to the airport.

Airplanes! Did you know they are there? It is A-MA-ZING, I tell ya!

She was so excited about seeing the airplanes that she frowned at me when I told her who was there to see her. We sneaked up on Guga, me asking Perpetual Motion to say her name, and HELLO! WOW! There is Guga!

Grandma was standing with Guga and we hadn't seen her in a while, so Perpetual Motion acted all shy at first.

Then. Oh, then.

We saw that Papa Jim was waiting for the luggage.

"Down! Down! Down, please!"

And off she went, running to him, that funny man.

The whole way home all she talked about was airplanes. She was even seeing them where they weren't. Also, airplane comes out as "ehr-pweeeeen", with an emphasis on the "pweeeeen".

Later in the week, we went to the playground, where sliding was all the rage:

Once at the bottom of the slide, Perpetual Motion enjoys messing with the rocks on the ground. Lately she has been practicing talking on the phone, where anything can substitute for a real phone.


If the doctor discovers rocks in her ears the next time we visit, I won't be surprised.

She commandeered a couple of pumpkins from her friends and practiced putting things into them and taking them back out again. After all, that is what we learned on Halloween...isn't it? That people put things into pumpkins so that you can take them out?

We had fun, and it was just the beginning of our time together...

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Britney said...

Your mom told us the airport story when I saw her Thursday night. Too cute. I guess Papa Jim is less scary as a grandfather than as an uncle...or maybe she's too young to realize that he. is. not. going. to. put. up. with. that. attitude. young. lady.
Haha. Can't wait to see the rest of the stories from their trip. Have a great week in MD!!