November 9, 2009

Salzburg, Austria: Store Signs

Throughout the old town of Salzburg are fantastic signs advertising everything from where you can get your hair cut and styled to the best place to purchase a Christmas ornament in the form of a real egg that has been painted.

Oh, yes. You can.

Actually, you can buy a large variety of painted eggs for every season or event imaginable.

Most of the signs are wrought iron and have gold-leaf embellishments. Even the McDonald's has a sign that includes golden arches. Literally.

Some appear to have only been painted to match the items sold within.

If you are ever in need of traditional Austrian clothing, I imagine that these people would know how to help you:

Then again, they could just sell clothing or be tailors.

Rocket Man and I went to this toy museum one afternoon:

It was full of old toys, musical instruments and marionettes. 'Twas a fun way to spend an hour or so.

This fancy schmancy looking stylist's shop was located very close to a restaurant, called Nagano, that we chose one day for lunch. This was the beginning of our tradition of finding a sushi place at which to eat whenever we went somewhere new. As it was fah-reezing the day we chose to eat there, it really hit the spot. They had warm soups and Japanese grill items as well as squishy, jiggly things, so it had something for both of us. A word of caution, however: fresh fish in a land-locked country in the middle of Europe? Not the most inexpensive place to eat sushi. Very tasty, though.

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