November 18, 2009

Holy Tiredness, Batman!


Man, oh man am I tired.

The girl-child was up late Monday night and early Tuesday morning due to a raging case of diaper rash.

We had visitors all last week.

I am tired. As in I took a nap when she did Tuesday afternoon and was still so tired when we woke up that I was all discombobulated. Not a good feeling.

My Christmas tree? It is up.

Don't judge me.

Child of the raging hind quarters loves the in she goes over and hugs it. Also? The tree is wearing NECKLACES! ALL OVER. Apparently red, shiny garland is a wonderful thing. So far I have convinced her that they are the tree's necklaces and we don't take them off. She appears to love the tree sooooo much that she is okay with that. We'll see how long that one lasts.

Why is it up now? Well, we will leave for the week of Thanksgiving for some much needed family time. As in just the three of us. If all we do is sit in a hotel room and stare at one another, that will be good for us since we will be spending time together for once.

We should all be shocked and amazed.

Also, we leave town for Christmas itself, so our Christmastime begins right after we return from the Thanksgiving hullabaloo (staring contest in a hotel) and ends prematurely sometime before the actual day. I am thinking that OUR Christmas will be a week early. Yes, I know you are amazed that I hold the same amount of power as those who long ago made the decision to celebrate Christ's birth on December 25th, but there you have it. You can celebrate it at your house whenever you want to, too. Since the child is young enough to know no different, we shall make the best of our always out of town on holidays life and celebrate whenever we want.

Next year? It might be in August.


Now? I am going to go and attempt a hat. Also, I will watch some television of the Gibbs variety.

I thank those of you who gave us some movie suggestions. You totally rock.

I'm OUT!

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Britney said...

I love this post. I love that your tree is up. And I love that Child with Raging Bottom actually hugs the tree. Please try to capture a photo of this. We'll miss you guys at Thanksgiving. Safe travels next week.