November 5, 2009

Halloween Day; Take One

I apologize, but I must interrupt our regularly scheduled posting to fill you in on our very busy Halloween Weekend 2009:

This past weekend was a very busy one for all of us here at casa Clementina. For starters, a play house that friends of ours dropped off a week ago was finally put together on the patio for Perpetual Motion to enjoy.

She found it fabulous. It took us a week to put it together because Houston was Rain Central last week. Boy, was it fun to be stuck inside all week long. Since the rains have stopped, we've been outside every day multiple times.

This house? It is great for her. She can open and close the door, the shutters, and there is even a small tunnel-like exit in the back of the structure.

Then there's the grill. Those knobs? They click and clack when you turn them and that is so much fun to do! There's also a phone inside, WITH BUTTONS, and she loves to pretend to be on the phone as well as pushing buttons on anything that has them.

I must tell you about a birthday party we received an invitation to. It says Calling All Superheroes and that costumes are encouraged.


We don't have any superhero costumes, but Rocket Man had a very good idea. We are thinking she can go as Aqua Woman:

Oh, yeah.

On her head is one of the bottoms to a bathing suit she wore this summer. I think she can wear that as her hat and then we'll just make up the rest of the outfit as we go.

So that was our morning. Aqua Woman made an appearance, and then we played on our slide and in the house outside.

Take Two is on its way...

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