November 17, 2009

Suggestion Box Office

Audience Participation Greatly Appreciated

Please help us with our movie selections!

Casa Clementina recently became a member of Netflix. Thus far, we've only viewed two movies. The first was the latest and not so greatest Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Our chagrin was a result not of the movie and its plot or lack thereof; rather, it was the time frame in which the story was told. Two and a half hours of my life were taken from me, people. At least an hour of that was most definitely not needed. Our level of disappointment was amplified by the fact that Lil Miss Thang woke up the following morning at about 4:30 am.

The second movie viewed was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Can you tell that Rocket Man has been the only one making the list on Netflix? Anyway...this one was better because it took place in an hour and a half. A completely acceptable time-frame for that type of movie.

What I am looking for from you, my readers, is suggestions for future movie-watching of the Netflix variety. The movies don't have to be short (as may have been implied thus far in this here post), but if they are long-ish then the length needs to be warranted. Also, although we like to think, we'd rather not watch a movie that is so deep that our heads explode.

One last helpful hint: we were out of the country from early 2006 until early 2008, and because of the whole I was pregnant and we were establishing ourselves here in Houston thing, we basically haven't watched any movies since we left for Spain in 2006. What this means for all of you is that any good movies you've seen in the last four years or so are totally game.

If you have some movies that you think are worth watching, please leave a comment (click on the blue link at the bottom right corner of this know, the one that most often says "0 comments") telling us what you suggest. Likewise, if there are movies that got all sorts of hype (Transformers, I might be sneaking a look at you) but wasn't really up to par, feel free to let us know.

Seriously, people: HELP!



BU said...

WALL-E, Slumdog Millionaire, and Iron Man were all good 2008 movies. The Batman movies run a little long.

In 2006, Pan's Labyrinth (if you don't mind subtitles) and Departed were both good. I can't remember any good ones from 07.

Brianne said...

Off the top of my head, here are some good ones-don't know how old they are so you may have seen them: Seven Pounds, Bucket List, Taken, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Gran Torino, Before the Devil Knows you're dead, The Reader, Atonement, Burn After Reading, Funny People - after this last one a lot of people said it should have ended long before it did, but I love Sandler, so I liked it. I'll write more if I think of them later.

Britney said...

I just watched 'Marley and Me' and LOVED IT. I love Jen Aniston and Owen Wilson and the kids are so cute, and the dog is pretty flippin' funny- but bring the tissues if you choose to watch it.

We also just watched 'Role Models' with Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott- it was pretty funny.

'Love Actually' is my favorite movie of all time and now is the perfect time of year for it.
I will let you know what others I think of. Good luck!!

Paula said...

I like the Ice Age movies. I'm sorry I am not much of a movie person. But I'll enjoy what others say......