November 7, 2009

Halloween Day; Take Three

Some friends of ours were getting together on Halloween night to grill hotdogs and then trick-or-treat together and we were lucky enough to be invited. There were six kids there in total and they were running, climbing, riding and having so much fun!

Perpetual Motion saw this tricycle and immediately had to get on. She had a really tough time pushing herself forward, but didn't seem to mind.

This car was a huge success. She loooooved it; she even had some trouble allowing others to play with it. As in she would be done and get off and go do something else. Then another kid would go to play with it and HOLY SMOKES she needed to be on that car RIGHT NOW. So, we had some practice with sharing and taking turns and being upset when we don't get our way.

This little girl is only a few months older than Perpetual Motion. She has two older siblings and therefore knows how to do many things that PM doesn't have a clue about. I would show you other photos of all the children, but seriously, they were moving soooo fast that I couldn't get any good shots! There were a couple of rock stars and some super heroes.

We had dinner, which consisted of PM grabbing the hotdog off of the plate before I could cut it up and downing it in less than two minutes. She may have been hungry. Then we changed into costumes, and her first reaction was What is this?

Then she got into it a little more and stomped around like we had been announcing her and applauding.

And then? THEN we got the PUMPKIN. THAT was THE BEST EVER.

Oh, yeah. We all dressed up. I figure we should for as long as we can manage it. So here we are, The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and Alice. Considering I sometimes feel like I must be living in Wonderland, it is all very appropriate!

PM had a good time trick-or-treating. I could only convince her to go up to the first door by telling her that there was a dog that lives there. Then, once we rang the bell and the man opened the door, she totally tried to just walk right into the house and love on the dog. She cared nothing about anything else...until he put some candy in her pumpkin. That was A-mazing. She took it out and put it in and then decided that she just HAD to hold one piece while we walked from house to house.

Mmm - warm melty chocolate.

She was very good at saying Thank-you. She rang the doorbells, sometimes more than once, and finally, at the last house (we only went to about five or six), she said Trick-or-Treat.

All in all, Halloween was a success!

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Rochelle said...

You should definitely wear that hat at Christmas haha I think that beats our Irish hats for sure.