November 25, 2009

Prepare Yourself for the Cuteness

I warned you:

The miniature horses were very friendly. This one especially liked Perpetual Motion and had no worries about her shouting or dancing around from excitement. As you can see, it even gave her little kisses when she first greeted it.

This boosted Perpetual Motion's confidence so that she was eager to give the horse a hug. She hugged and hugged. Another horse came up and lil' miss tried to hug it too, but no way was that going to happen. So she went back to horse number one and hugged away.

All of this was terribly cute. And then the above occurred. Can you tell what is really going on in that photo?

Oh, yeah.

That horse? It liked Perpetual Motion so much it thought it would be a great idea to give her a love nibble.

Perpetual Motion did NOT appreciate it, not one bit.

Oh, the travesty. Oh, the indecency. Oh, the insanity that followed.

Eventually she calmed down and even pet some other horses, but man oh man was she mad at that horse. I can't really blame her; she was being loving and did not expect the horse's version to be painful.

What can I say? That song had it right: love hurts.

1 comment:

Brianne said...

Wow, Clementina is one fearless little girl. N would so be clinging in my arms if a horse, no matter how miniature, got that close to her.