November 6, 2009

Halloween Day; Take Two

After Perpetual Motion woke from her nap and played a little while outside, we carved our pumpkin. She seemed interested in it at first and then she appeared to get quite concerned with the fact that parts of her pumpkin were not in her pumpkin any more. She loves pumpkins, shouts their name, says hello to them, climbs into neighbors' yards to touch them and see I can understand her concern. Here is a photo-story of carving the pumpkin:

I don't know what this bowl and spoon are for, but I'm ready!

What is Mama doing?

Whoa - what is THAT?

It feels kinda icky...

Let me get a closer look at this stuff.

Daddy, you missed a spot!

Two hands...

Let me try it this way...

There we go; let's cover that up, Daddy.

Oh, No!

There you have it - the pumpkin to Jack-o-Lantern process with a 17-month-old. Tomorrow I'll have some photos up of our evening, including our costumes!

1 comment:

Karen said...

The Jack-O-Lantern is aweseome, did you use a pattern??