November 28, 2009

You Sank My

Oh, come on! I had to!

That is the Battleship Texas, from WWII. We did not get on it; we opted to take a couple of photos, marvel at the hideous-ity of "battleship gray", condemn the mosquito population to a quick and painful death, and then leave.

They were terrible, those mosquitoes. Biting through shirts and jeans, no less.

I mean, seriously!

Here is another terrible thing: the sweetness, it shall kill me.

We actually came here first. Where? The San Jacinto Monument. It is Texas's version of the Washington Monument, though much larger (imagine that). It is located where the battle of San Jacinto took place, which was a defining battle in the Texas revolution.

It looks huge. It is only about twelve feet taller than the Washington Monument, but due to the geography and lack of buildings nearby, it looks much larger than the one in D.C.

Inside the base is a museum that covers about 400 years of Texas history. The museum is small, which was good because both Papa Jim and Grandma read every single word in the place. Every. Single. Word. Thankfully Perpetual Motion was happy to be somewhere new to least for the first few minutes. After that, it was a tad bit more difficult to keep her quiet in there.

Visitors can take an elevator to the top of the obelisk and catch some impressive views of the port area as well as the marsh. There were quite a few ships out there minding their business.

Look strangely familiar, anyone? Yet another reason the San Jacinto Monument is always compared to the Washington Monument. Pretty, even without Lincoln at the other end.

Finally, a photo of me and the girl-child. We are just about done dodging the mosquitoes and discussing the fabulous color of the ship.

By the way, she now calls me Ama. Like, Sister Mary Ama (why it makes me think that, I have no clue, but there you are). Apparently she enjoys leaving off the first M, and so now I am Ama. There could certainly be worse names...

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