November 26, 2009

We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

After the highs and lows of the miniature horse farm, we piled into the car one more time and headed over the the Bluebell Creamery.

Are you salivating? 'Cause you should be!

We decided not to take the tour, and instead spent our time wandering around the grounds and letting ourselves be entertained by Perpetual Motion and the hat.

She had so much fun putting it on and taking it off and (as you can see above) saying "hat" all the while.

Then came the ice-cream samples, which are more like a scoop and a half (for $1). Being on the cusp of utensil independence as she is, Perpetual Motion insisted on doing much of the spoon-to-mouth motions herself. This led to a few dribbles:

Thankfully, there are many tiny napkins at the ready and we all cleaned up nicely. Once we'd had our fill of the ice-cream, we headed out front to check out the cow.

This photo? Perfect example of the day being long and tiring and of little children being D-O-N-E done with it all! We packed up and went home! Tomorrow I'll fill you in on a birthday party we attended while everyone was in town.

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