November 8, 2009

Salzburg, Austria: Evening

[And now we return to our regularly scheduled posting...which I should point out details a trip we took in December of 2006 while we were living in Spain.]

When Rocket Man and I travel, we like to go see as much as we can. We only people watch a little bit, and while I am sure we are missing out on that front, we have done a trip where we didn't go see much and we weren't very happy with it. We feel like trips to the beach are for sitting around and doing as close to nothing as possible. When you're finally visiting a part of the world you've never been to, we agree that you should see and learn as much as possible.

That being said, it can make for some very tiring days. We usually plan to go back to the hotel in the afternoon for a rest and/or a nap. This becomes very entertaining when you add foreign television into the mix. We had no television in Spain really, only about 4.5 channels or so of completely spanish channels, so going to other countries to see their television was always a bit of a treat - mostly because the game shows? They are awesome.

Each afternoon in Austria we would head back over the river to our hotel and rest up for a bit (and dry out, if needed) before we would head out on our side of the river (newer side of town) to find a place to eat.

This is where I should point out that I do all of the planning for our travels. Rocket Man was always working and it was like pulling teeth to even get him to take the vacation days as it always meant even worse hours leading up to and following the trip. He would just come along for the ride, and that was fine by him. I do the research and just lead him around the town telling him whatever I had already learned from my reading and planning.

Usually I try to include places to eat in my plans. In London, this was very necessary as the city is so big and time was of the essence. It was also very easy because many places were listed online with reviews, etc. Not that I am saying they weren't listed for Salzburg, but for whatever reason I didn't plan places to eat for this trip.

This meant, especially for dinner, that we would simply walk around and eventually choose a place on a whim. The night we arrived (which was after the huge luggage debacle and late airplane which led to running mess), this wasn't a big deal as not too many other tourists were there.

We ended up choosing the Gabler Brau. In fact, we ate here two of our nights in Salzburg. It was very good. One thing that was different about eating out in Austria is that at least in some restaurants, you don't wait to be seated; instead you simply find a table with enough empty seats for you and have at it. I think this is fairly common in Europe as we experienced the same thing in Dublin.

As we did not know this bit of information there was some awkwardness at first, but eventually it all got sorted out. We enjoyed our meal and a bottle of very good Austrian wine.

Many travel to Europe for the Christmas markets that pop up in many towns near the holiday. We walked around and stall-shopped for a bit. We also purchased some mulled wine while there.

And that, my friends, was basically enough to end the evening.

We'd already split a bottle of wine at dinner and adding the mulled wine from the market made for a rather entertaining walk back to the hotel where we both crashed. I am fairly certain that the rest of the evening looked a bit like this:

Oh, yes. Blurry indeed.

It was tasty stuff, and a little will go a long way.

Needless to say, we did not drink any more mulled wine during our stay...

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