November 3, 2009

Salzburg, Austria: Goofing Off

Let us begin with the fact that we had only seen snow once since our move to Houston in 2003. And no, we didn't get to experience the freak foot-high snow that Houston received in 2005 because we were out of Ohio where it had snowed and snowed.

When we arrived in Salzburg and it was cold and spitting stuff and all of that, boy were we excited. We were also a bit worried about the string rain that the city is so well known for as they tour books tell you to expect it while you are there no matter what.

Did we bring any gear to protect ourselves?

Um, of course not!

Here is Rocket Man, in December of 2006, in front of what was left of the snow that had fallen on Salzburg before we arrived:

At least he is smiling in this photo. In the one other I convinced him to take, he is looking at me like I am Ca-Razy for wanting a photo of the dirty stuff in the first place.



Up in the fortress, once we finished our guided tour, we made our way to the so-called Marionette museum. It was more of a display in a depressing stone dungeon room and a half. Thankfully, there was silliness to be had with the stick-your-face-in-it photo op.

For those of you who were/are HAMSters and experienced Opera-Fest, I am fairly certain these are a reference to Papageno and Papagena in Mozart's The Magic Flute. My costume is strange enough, but I especially like Rocket Man' head dress and tail.

Just before entering the tour area, there is a large bull statue sitting in the courtyard. It seems strangely out of place considering the city, and if one knows nothing about the organ, then I am sure it would flummox. Even knowing about the organ, I thought it very cheesy. In Spain, I would not think twice about seeing something like this, but in Austria it seems very strange indeed.

Obviously it is in reference to the organ, and even more than that, it screams photo-op, so who are we to disappoint?

Well, I take that back, Rocket Man greatly desired to disappoint at first:

See that look on his face? Let me translate that for you: "What in the *** do you mean, take a picture with the bull? Ca-Razy. Who are you again? How did you get me to marry you?"

So I had to step it up and show him what was to be done:

[An aside: Notice how I have no feet? And the bull, he only has two, poor thing? This would be the first of maaaaaany Rocket Man photos of the no-feet variety. Oh so many. Le sigh.]

Once he was finished giggling and chopping off feet, Rocket Man got into the action and attempted what I imagine very few adults over the years...if any...had done:

Ah, yes.

You're welcome.

Tomorrow shall be less goofy and more Residenz.

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