February 21, 2010

It's Magic!

Scene: our car; in the drive-through at Dairy Queen.
Why: Oreo Blizzard, Duh.

Rocket Man: Do you have any cash?

Me: No...oh, wait, yes. In my wallet.

[rummage around in the diaper bag for my wallet, find it (score!) and open it to take out some cash to find a five dollar bill]


Me: Um, at that place, you know...the BANK? (ALL DUH LIKE)

RM: (laughs) Oh, there.

Me: No, I MADE it!!!! It's Magic!!!!

RM: Miss Thing, your mother is a counterfeiter; we're all going to jail.

Me: No way, not if it's magic!!

End Scene.

What say you, internets? If it is indeed magic (which automatically says it is untraceable, etc.), then are we going to jail?

1 comment:

Xtina said...

Absolutely not! And if you could teach me the trick, I would be most appreciative.