February 2, 2010


As I stated in the last post, the theme for February is Ties. I am going to attempt to follow it; though the rules state that you can or not depending on your mood. My first one is a simple one, though very cute!

Miss PM wore a new sweat set this weekend. The pants are pink and the zippered jacket is a darker pink with hearts drawn all over it. She loved pointing out the hearts to me...although she likes to call the darker pink colors red. I suppose that in her world it is closer to red than the light pink that we usually encounter and tell her is pink.

Ah, the shades of gray of the world...I imagine we'll get to the real parenting when we have to address all of those...

Now those will be deep, meaningful posts. The likes of which are rarely if ever found here.


The (light)pink pants had a fake drawstring on the front of it in the form of two pink shoestring-like ties. And I am referring to real shoestrings, like we had as kids, not these new things that are more like ropes. These are flat; therefore they stay tied together.

Unlike those other ties that I am sure someone thinks are more fashionable...or cooler.

Can you tell that I had a P.E. teacher as a parent?

One who worked in an Elementary school and dealt with the kids who knew how to tie, but due to the restrictions and/or very specific physics requirements of those newer shoestrings couldn't get their shoes to STAY TIED FOR THE LOVE OF PETE?!?!?

I may have run into the issue a bit in my days as a music teacher.

In an elementary school.

Where despite our requests and demands (made in a school handbook 'cause that's how we role here) kids showed up on music day in all sorts of inappropriate footwear. Like flip-flops (which I personally think should be banned from Elementary school), heeled sandals (ditto) and the like.


Um, we do this thing called MOVEMENT in our classes. Lots of it. And your "shoes" are hindering us. A LOT.

I guess it bothered me a bit.


Moving along, nothing to see...

So these fake ties on the front of Miss PM's sweat pants...it was either let them hang loose or tie them. Hanging was not a good idea because she knows
a)what they are: "Striiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnng!"
and b) what to do with them: "Puuuuuuuuuuuullllll!"

That would not have gone over well because they would not have pulled even a tiny bit since they are fake. I chose to tie them. TIE.

She watched me tie the strings in your normal shoe-tying fashion, and when I was done she most certainly declared:


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Mandy said...

That is SO cute!! I kind of miss that age. My baby is 9 now!!