February 15, 2010

Happy Love Day

There's this song I sing with Miss Thing. It is to the tune of the Oscar Meyer Bologna song. For those of you who know her name, here is how it goes:

My [first name] has a first name;
it's [spell her first name here].

My [first name] has a second name;
it's [spell her middle name here].

I snuggle with her every day,
and if you ask me why I'll say:

'Cause [first name] [middle name] is the best
with whom to S-N-U-G-G-L-E.

Lately she has taken to singing WITH me. As in, we both sing at the same time. While this may seem normal for all of you, it is a recent development here. She knows this song and will request it from time to time.

This morning, Rocket Man woke up with her and let me sleep a little bit. That is, until he attempted to go to the bathroom and thought that he could shut the door for some privacy. Miss Thing quickly pointed out his mistake and managed to wake me up in the process.

I tried to get back to sleep, unsuccessfully, and when I came out she was watching (who else?) Mickey Mouse. Watching him is apparently quite involved, so she didn't see me when I first woke up. She was on the floor and I came over to sit on the sofa. When she did see me, she got all excited and immediately climbed up to sit with me.

By with me I mean on me, of course.

Then? She did the cutest thing ever.

She leaned over and rested her head on me and said "Snuggle!"

So we sang.


Happy Valentine's Day, Mama.


Britney said...

awww, sweet.

Mandy said...

that's too cute :)