February 13, 2010

Has It Really Only Been Four Days?

This week feels like it has been two or three. Britn just went home on Monday, but is feels like she left weeks ago. We've had ear and eye infections, and now I'm getting that tell-tale scratch in the back of my throat that means high-grade congestion is about to set in.

We found out for certain that we are going to Sakhalin, RF, which means lots of good things are in store...as well as lots of pain in the neck items as well. Preparing to move is not the greatest, especially when you have to find and follow various rules and regulations, which are different every time you move. I am apparently going to be very adept at detailed inventory-ing for this move...as in every single box will have its very own inventory.


The last time we moved I was six month pregnant. I packed everything, labeled/inventoried (as if that is a verb?) everything, cleaned the apartment as well as moved furniture back to its original position. It was a lot of work. This time I will not be pregnant, but I will have to manage to do the same things with a child in the house, and since her idea of a good time is to move things out of clean, organized piles and spread them all over tarnation, we will be butting heads.


A childhood friend of mine is pregnant right now, and she recently declared that she is nesting. What a strange term. When we returned from Spain, no nesting occurred. Oh, sure, we bought some furniture and unpacked, and things like that, but we would have done that anyway. And yes, we purchased things for the child, but I am fairly certain that is required if you want to take your kid home from the hospital.

At no point was I overcome by an overwhelming urge to clean/organize/be ready and at no point did I in any way tell my husband that THIS HAS TO BE DONE OR ELSE or anything like that. I never felt that way at all.

Tell me I'm moving to Russia, however, and I want to get into every closet, dresser, drawer, cabinet, and crevice and THROW CRAP AWAY. When you know that you're moving, it is way easier to take a look at something and know whether or not you want to take it or store it or trash it.

Don't get me wrong, once we found out for real (Monday...feels like weeks ago), I freaked out and then did nothing. I finished reading a book, started reading another (both I had read previously, by the way), looked up a little info on passports for minors and then did nothing.


Now? I am wanting to chuck things into the trashcans.

Hopefully I shall refrain myself a tad so as to not chuck something important. But all of that "important" stuff? If it is only pretending to be, it is gone.

We are going to get the tiny one's passport stuff taken care of on Monday, which means photos tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAH! I expect that to go really well!

Have a fabulous evening, happy Olympics, and I'm out (chucking things in the trash).

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Karen said...

try getting a 10 day old to wake up so you can get a passport picture, their eyes HAVE to be open!!