February 26, 2010

Draining the Bank Account

And so it begins.

I think that for the foreseeable future shopping will be a daily activity.

Since I don't really like shopping, this is not a good thing.

Since my daughter gets tired of shopping (who can blame her?), this is really not a good thing.

When we moved to Spain, we didn't really have a bunch of things to purchase. Sure, we bought some spices and a couple of things here and there...like a hand-held can-opener...but overall, we didn't have to buy a lot in order to live there.

On the flip side, we did have to make decisions regarding how much of our own stuff we would take with little to no indication of what we would actually need once we arrived. We knew housing came furnished, but there are varying degrees of furnished in this world, and who knew what we would end up with.

This move to Russia is much easier in some ways. For example, I really am not worried at all about selling the house because I know how that works now. I am also not all that concerned about what we need to take (of our own items) because there is company-maintained housing there and we literally have a list of what is in each place.

Plus, there are some very nice people over there responding to all of my silly email questions about strange things like are there bookshelves and how about trashcans...

In other ways this move is much more difficult. The main difficulty is that of the weather. Or, to explain it better, what in the world we should wear for the weather. I mean, we've lived in the land of many snowfalls (aka Virginia), but not anywhere that has arctic temps. ARCTIC.

We know nothing about it.

Nothing, Nada, Zilch.

This makes purchasing the correct clothing a little difficult. What complicates matters is the fact that we live in Houston, Texas. Our "winter" weather is their spring/summer weather. With the exception of August, when I believe they get warmer temps.

Even with all of that, things aren't soooo bad. I mean, I love to wear pants and loathe shorts (on me, they just feel wrong...unless I am working out), so I am actually quite happy that I will be able to wear them practically all year.

So what is so tough? Aside from needing rain suits and snow suits and all that goes with them (which I know little about), there is the fact that I have a young child.

You know the saying?

They grow like weeds.

That phrase should have an addendum: but who knows when!

I've been told to bring snow suits for when we get there and also that we need to bring all of our own summer clothes because they don't sell much there. Rocket Man and I can easily purchase these items and know they will still fit when we get there.

Miss Thing? Not so much.

In addition to clothing uncertainties, there are the other items we should bring: Curtains, bedding, food, craft storage, any and all toys/learning manipulatives/books that we want to be in English, skis ??!?!, and the list goes on.

Today I made a small dent: craft storage.

I made a trip to the Container Store.

I spent some money.

I came away with a six-drawer scrapbook paper storage unit, some stack-able drawers for yarn/craft storage and a small unit of the elfa closet organizer bins. Everything is on casters and will fit into closets if we want it to.

Tomorrow? I hope to tackle sheets, comforter set, curtains, and whatever else I can think of to get at JCPenney, since that is where we are headed!

Good-bye money, hello sanity!

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Brianne said...

Hmmm... I'll try to think of some "can't live without" winter gear, though it has been a while since I endured an arctic winter myself. I do know that scarves are all but useless, so if you can, find some sort of neck warmer that is basically a bigger, warmer, version of those fake turtle necks (maybe they're called dickies?) people in my mom's generation like to wear. Ok, so maybe just my mom. Anyway, scarves come untied, let in icy cold air between folds, trust me. Neck thingies are much better, especially for kids.