February 19, 2010


  • I love Cooper's floppy ears.  Flop, flop, flop, flop.  Every step gets a flop.  The faster he walks, the faster they flop.  It is the best.
  • Three pairs of my shoes are upstairs in the living room.  Three.  Why?  No, really, please tell me.
  • Miss Thing was fussy today.  With a loud, capital Yyyyyyyyyy.  It started when she got out of bed at 7:30 and never really stopped.  Perhaps there are some teeth moving around in there.
  • Apparently she actually woke up by 6:45.  So.  Perhaps the fussy was a combination of "Get me out of here!" and "I'm hungry!".  Did I know?  Nope.  Rocket Man didn't tell me what time he first heard her until we were eating dinner.
  • I'm tired, so tired.
  • The search for new doggy-parents is still on.  We have one couple who aren't sure and that is about it.  There are some nice people from a Lakeland Rescue looking into things for us, so let's all hope we get some options there.
  • Rocket Man gave Miss Thing a Minnie Mouse for Valentine's Day.  She complements her Mickey Mouse well.
  • I don't know why in the Clubhouse show she is wearing all pink but in...um...real life?...she is wearing all red.
  • Miss Thing doesn't care.
  • Cooper brought his shoe to me and is playing the "I'm not looking at my shoe.  Shoe?  What shoe?  Did someone say shoe?  Oh, did you want to play with my shoe?" game.
  • I wore an ankle brace to BodyAttack on Monday.  It helped immensely.  My ankle/tendons/whatevers were sore for a day and a half, but nowhere near as sore as they have been previously.
  • Whatevers - I'm a real wordsmith.
  • There's a woman in my BodyPump class who gets REALLY upset if anyone sets up their equipment/stuff in front of her.  And yet she ALWAYS sets herself up in the VERY BACK of the room.  This makes NO SENSE to me.
  • Sometimes Miss Thing likes to stand REALLY close to the TV while watching Mickey or Manny.  Sometimes, like today, I let her.  This makes me a Bad Mom.
  • Sometimes, like today, I don't care.
  • Apparently men whose names begin with M are all the toddler rage.
  • Of course, today, everything made my toddler rage.
  • Not in a good way.
  • Right now, she is practicing for the Olympics.
  • In her bed.
  • As much as she practices, she better win gold.

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Britney said...

LOLOLOLOLs. This may be my favorite post ever.