February 4, 2010

Let's Hope This Does the Trick

Where does that phrase come from, anyway?

I've been suffering from some ankle issues since I began my exercise classes. I am not the only one.

Unfortunately, this past Saturday caused more than just a little soreness. I didn't do anything specifically to my left foot/ankle/calf, but as soon as the bodyattack class was over it was a-hurtin'.

It has been bothering me ever since; the worst part is that it aches during the night. It must be a ligament/tendon thing because my foot and lower leg begin to ache a whole lot more if I lay on my stomach...which bends my foot forward. Or if I lay such that my foot turns inward at all.

Anyone out there ever had that and know what the problem might be?

Oh, Dear, what can the matter be?

I think it is feeling a tad bit better today; I have skipped classes thus far this week, which makes me feel like a total slacker not to mention icky. I am hoping to at least go to a bodypump class sometime before the week is over.

I went to Academy (sports! and outdoors!) today to look for an ankle brace that ties up. I used to wear one all the time when I played basketball, so I think that it will help me with the attack portion of my workout.

And in case you missed that, I said I wanted an ankle brace that ties up. I found one although I am not sure that it is the correct size. We shall soon find out. I also had to purchase longer socks so that my leg doesn't get rubbed raw.

On another note, my child "Scooooop!"ed her succotash up and into her mouth this evening with a high rate of success. Considering that neither corn nor lima beans are very good at sticking to the spoon, I count this one as a major accomplishment.

She can finally feed herself, people.

It should be awesome.

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