February 22, 2010


I woke up to Miss Thing and Rocket Man climbing on the bed this morning.

At 10 am.


I woke up at 6:30 and again at 8:30 and then subito, it was 10am.


If you ask Miss Thing to show you her muscles, she will hold both arms up, clench her fists and squish her face up in concentration. It is awesome. Must post photo or video soon.


Rocket Man did a lot of work this weekend. Friday evening he finished submitting our taxes. Then we cleaned/organized our closets on Saturday (which included taking a very old, large, heavy television to Good Will). That evening he started cleaning the house and we finished together this morning.

Once he had worked out and so forth this afternoon he was complaining about being super sore. Oh, how his legs aches. Oh, how his back aches. He then says to me "Must have been all that work I did..." He meant: "...that you didn't do." Yes, he said it like that. On purpose. To get a rise out of me.

I reminded him that I gave birth.

Running on Fumes: +1; Rocket Man: -3,239,872,387


Two minutes later he declared "Those shoes just do NOT like to be in the closet!"

He was referring to my sneakers.

Smarty Pants.


As part of his workout, Rocket Man took Cooper for a run. When he returned, he removed Cooper's collar and left it on the rug in the entry.

Of course Miss Thing found it; it has shiny metal things that clink together.

She walked proudly into our bedroom with the collar around her neck. She admired the collar and the tags hanging from it.

She then took the belt buckle part of it into her hands and attempted to close it while exclaiming "Buckle up!"

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Britney said...

In regards to the cleaning and picking up, RM sounds just like Chris. Maybe scooping kitty litter trumps "tidiness"?
And, yes please, to the arm muscle video/pics