February 9, 2010

Well, Poop.

As you are aware, Perpetual Motion has been suffering from a bit of congestion.

And leakage.

See yesterday's post if you are confused.

She slept past 7:30am for the first time in five days; it was nice not to be woken up at 6-something this morning. She seemed so much happier this morning and Britn and I both commented on how she must be feeling better.

We got everyone ready and then dropped her off at school. From there, Britn and I went to the airport so that she could finally get home. I made it back to the house and managed to eat some breakfast and throw some laundry in when I get a phone call.

It is the school.

Well, poop.

Miss PM had been not acting herself all morning and was pointing to her ear and telling her teachers that it hurt. Since she is no prone to ear infections and usually only tells me about things that are bothering her if they really do, I decided to call the doctor's office.

They have no appointments available, so the receptionist transfers me to the nurses' desk.

Well, poop.

I described the situation and she tells me they can squeeze me in later in the afternoon. PM eats some lunch and then I give her meds so that she can breathe a little easier during her nap.

She woke up earlier than usual.

Well, poop.

We head off to the doctor's office and manage to get in to an exam room fairly quickly. We wait awhile and the Doctor comes in...so Miss Thing cries.

Well, poop.

He diagnoses her with not one, but two ear infections.

Well, poop.

We leave the office and make our way through rush hour traffic to the pharmacy. While waiting for them to fill the prescription I find items that the nurse informed me we would need in two to three days: white bread and pedialyte. Oh, yeah, her medication will cause her to have really runny poop.

Well, poop.

As I am checking out, PM starts to get upset and tells me "Shew-eeee", which means she needs to poop. Since she hasn't done so all day, I imagine so. Apparently it is traumatic, so I hide her face while she passes some excellent gas.

Well, poop.

We finally get what we need and head for the door when it begins to pour outside. We went from 71 degrees and mostly sunny to 53 and pouring in no time flat. My shoes get soaked on the way to the car and both of us are dripping by the time we manage to shut all of the doors.

Well, poop.

By the time I get us home it is almost 6pm. I rush to make a dinner for PM and just when I am about to put her in her chair to eat, I notice that she has indeed finally pooped. So I take her into the bedroom to change her diaper. I lay her on the bed and as I am taking off her pants I notice that there is a huge smear of something on the sleeve of my sweater. Whatever could that be?

Well, poop!

Oh, yes. It was on my sweater, our comforter, inside her pants and on her shirt. Excellent indeed. I get her changed, change my shirt, scrub everything, and finally she eats her dinner. I mange to give her the first dose of medication, which she takes fairly well. Then it's off to get ready for bed. Once her pajamas are on, we go upstairs to talk to Guga and Papa Jim on the web cam. After a short talk we say goodnight and I am about to take her into her bedroom to read books when I notice that she needs her diaper changed yet again.

Well, poop.

After that stinkeroo, we read books and she goes to sleep. I clean up a few things and head downstairs to start the dishwasher when Rocket Man comes home. We talk a bit, he changes clothes and we come upstairs to eat and I see some dark spots on the floor. You've got to be kidding me!

Well, poop!

That's right, chompy-lones has pooped on the carpet. 'Cause he couldn't come tell me that he needed to go outside. Oh, no.

All I can say is that it's a good thing Britn went home this morning, because I do not think that she would have enjoyed the remainder of the day one bit.

Not even a tiny one.

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