November 1, 2008

The Day After The Night Before

Now THAT's a title.

My apologies to everyone; there will be no costume photos.

Ummm...a gassy fussy baby and a Halloween costume do not make for a nice evening.

Not that we found out the hard way. Once the gassy/fussy bit was unveiled to us around 6 pm, I made the executive decision (Vote for me!) to nix the costumes.

We may put them on today and take a family photo just 'cause...but we'll see.


In regards to last night - we had fun!

Well, the first few trick-or-treaters were itty bitty children and they were oh so awesome. We had a particularly cute little girl dressed up as a chef; très imaginatif in this day and age of princesses and such.

My FAVORITE little guy was oh so talkative. I didn't have any tea lights to put in our jack-o-lantern,

Meet Jack-O-Lantern:

so I used a tiny jar candle from illuminations that had the scent of Pumpkin Pie. I opened the door and My Favorite Trick Or Treater was talking to me and suddenly he says "Oohhh, something here smells fresh."

I am telling you, he said it with the italics.

His little brother decided, as all little siblings do, to imitate him and so he told me something smelled fresh too!

Someone must bake in that family, 'cause where other than "fresh out of the oven" would he get that word choice? I don't really care, 'cause it was excellent indeed.

After a bit, LMIB worked some things out of her system (I sure hope THAT isn't what smelled fresh...although it is an interesting way to describe it...may have to adopt it) so we decided to go outside with Jack-O-Lantern and our candy in the hopes of attracting more customers.

Meet Candy:

This did not really work. Apparently if you live on a side street, the children, they just sorta bypass you.

I made another executive decision (Two! In one evening! Vote for me! I promise not to call you!) and we moved around to the side of our house which faces a main street in our neighborhood. This was good decision of the night number two because we found our neighbors all sitting together in an excellent one-stop-shopping manner of candy-giving. The three of us went over there and spent the evening chatting with our lovely neighbors and handing out Candy.

They have the right idea, let me tell you. They all sit in a semi-circle, and beverages are to be had while we ohhh and ahhh at the costumes.

Well, that and we chuckle at some of the people. The BEST was this guy who is either new to the neighborhood or is about to move into the neighborhood (I couldn't tell which he was saying) and basically he was lost. LOST! He asked which way to such-and-such street...he'd been dragging his wife, who was pushing a stroller - and they were all in costume - all over the neighborhood! They both looked exhausted!

Little Miss Itty Bitty was a favorite of the evening - of course - and she was passed around quite a bit. There was much chatting and laughter. We had so much fun that here was Jack-O-Lantern at the end of the night:

He either got into the beverages, or Candy was a tad too enticing.

Or both.

This morning, I found him hovering over the kitchen sink:

I think we can all learn an important lesson from Jack-O-Lantern...

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