November 9, 2008

Powerscourt Estate: Around the Grounds

Yesterday we took a look at some details and the smaller things found amongst the gardens. Today we shall take a look at the larger picture.

We can begin with this enormous tree:

It would be an excellent tree-house tree, if you could get someone to build around that trunk. I think it is about 4 and half of me wide. It is probably the largest tree I've ever seen. Granted, there are many parts of the world that I have yet to see, but still.

Visitors to the estate can get a tree-tour booklet that takes you all around the grounds and points out the many varieties of trees they have growing there. The list includes trees from all over the world, including Asia and our home country.

These days I wonder if it would even be possible to import various trees like that, as there are many restrictions in place regarding species, etc.

I made Rocket Man pose in the middle of this tree. Group of trees? It was really hard to tell. They way they were growing really made it seem as if they were just one plant whose base was underground. Perhaps they share a root system.

Have I mentioned yet that it was absolutely beautiful there that day? The sky was beautiful, and although it rained a wee bit in the afternoon, it was after our time spent in the gardens.

Oh, how those dogs must have loved to run in these fields. And those cows - looks like fine-dining to me.

One section had a castle tower in it. Below the tower were two bushes cut a bit like snail shells:

And there it is - the tower:

Every section of the estate was cut off from the rest so that you wouldn't even know that the others were there. It really made each section special; it seemed as if we were in many places that day although we were just at one.

Tomorrow we go to Japan.

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