October 31, 2008

Dear Candidates,

Please stop calling me.

I do not need you, or your wife, to call me every.single.day. and tell me that I can vote early.

I am informed and aware and I'll get to it.

Also, please stop acting like school children on the playground.

You know, the ones who wait for their "free" time to pick on one another and call each other names?

It isn't attractive and it makes me wish there was another candidate who acted like, oh I dunno, a grownup.

These are serious times we live in and you pointing fingers and blaming one another and acting basically like you're stuck in your tweens does not give me confidence.

Another thing: please study up on debate procedures. One of you will be running again in four years, I assume, and if I have to sit through another 15 minutes (that is as long as I could take it) of you not answering questions and not following the format and not telling me what you are going to do as president, then my head may implode.

And I have an infant. Who has not (thus far) made any part of me implode. The fact that you have come closer to achieving this than she is, well, sad.

So get it together; you're supposed to lead.

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