November 29, 2008

Six Months

Señorita Clementina,

Today you are six months old. This photo? I put it first to show that you are tired.


In need of a snooze.

I would like to make a suggestion. No need to accept it; I am just throwing it out there.

Sleep. All night long. Just once.

Don't look at me like that. I am not crazy. In fact, there are many babies out there who manage to sleep all night long pretty much every night.

Holy smokes; I know!

Oh, stop it. I know what you are trying to say: "Bull!"

It is not. I am telling the absolute truth, miss thing. Oh, how much happier you and I would be if you slept all night.

Mostly me, but also you, so just get with the program already!

Okay, I'll leave you to contemplate that one.

As should be pretty obvious at this point, you don't sleep through the night and haven't ever since we visited Virginia for your Geat Ganny's birthday. Woe is me.

On the plus side, this has been the month of making faces. My, oh my have they been varied and entertaining. They are due in large part to the fact that your teeth are a movin'. You just shove everything you can into your mouth and even chew on your tongue and lips. Whatever works, I say.

Towards the beginning of the month, your Dad and I fed you some cereal just to see how you would take it.

You were less than impressed.

The cereal itself is so thinned out that you could have been taking it from a bottle, so I am fairly certain that the faces were more about the spoon in your mouth than anything else.

Seriously guys? What is that thing, and why are you shoving it into my mouth? Also, why exactly am I naked? Are we supposed to remove our clothing to eat?

That could be a problem in a year or so. I can see it now...we'll be out at a restaurant and you'll be flinging your clothing all over the place. Excellent.

This month you have been very content on your belly for long periods of time. Recently you've been figuring out how to scoot yourself around a bit. The fact that you insist on having both hands in your mouth while you scoot has impeded your movement, but you don't let it get to you.

You are also changing in the looks department. You began life looking exactly like your Daddy did when he was born. Then you changed and looked very similar to my baby photos. Now, you are changing again. I enjoy these changes because we all get to discuss who we think you resemble most.

You are definitely looking different than the beginning of the month:

In addition to shoving your hands in your mouth and chewing on clothing, cloth diapers, lips, tongue, and whatever you can grab, the feet are still high on the list of things to put in your mouth. You are able to grab them and shove them in there as easily as you breathe, and you are quite adept at getting just the first two toes in so that you can suck on them.

The weather finally cooled off enough this month that we needed to put a hat on you. We both promptly died from the cuteness.

We soon recovered and were able to take you walking and out and about. Oh, how you love to be out and about. You are so very happy if you get a field trip and you absolutely expect your evening walk.

There you go with the faces again. I know, we put your hokie hat on ya and we want to take a picture. You're just starting to figure out the photo thing. I guess I've shoved the camera in your face often enough now that you're starting to understand what is expected of you:

Then again, it lights up and beeps, and we all know you enjoy those things, so perhaps you're just demonstrating your pleasure.

I am thinking it may be the latter.


Well, aside from the fact that you are only six months old, and are therefore technically still zero, there's this:

I am pretty sure you're not just saying who's number one.

How 'bout this. I'll try not to take too many photos and pester you with the camera if you try to sleep through the night.

What's that?


I agree: we're pretty much both gonna fail on that front.

Oh well. This too shall pass...



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Brianne said...

Hang in there..... I hope you get a full night's sleep sometime soon!